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Neste – Purest Fuel

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Reputation camapaign for Neste Eesti.

INSIGHT: Automatic, unmanned fuel stations of Neste are purely selling only fuel and therefore, are able to really concentrate to innovation and quality.

We identified two aspects of it.

GREEN THINKING: even knowing that people in Estonia are not so enivironmentally-forward yet it is hard to imagine that anyone could be against cleaner environment. Especially if you actually don’t have to do anything yourself and you can let Neste do the work for you? This approach is strongly powered by the fact that Neste was been chosen to be the most sustainable energy company in the world!

THE PUREST FUEL SELLER: the most unique strong-point of Neste is that Neste innovates, creates, produces and sells only fuels. And as the surveys are telling us now the manned service stations are getting lower NPS-scores than unmanned Neste stations. So there must be something bothering the people at shop-like service stations. Time to distance Neste once again from all that.

The message that sums it all up:
Kui puhas kütus, siis Neste.
ENG: If pure (or purely) fuel, then Neste.
Two clips and some online messages shown below.
Neste – Purest Fuel
Neste – Purest Fuel
Neste – Purest Fuel